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Spirit Lake Casino & Hotel

Here is the reason that we are no longer going o Spirit Lake- PERHAPS after you read this and see the actual e-mails and reports that we received on you (the player), you may not want to support this location with your hard earned money. Should you have a complaint about the service, cleanliness, or check in  and you file the complaint as a guest of the Spirit lake this is how they and Jessica Pacheco  deals with it.

- On July 17-19,2018 we had a full bus scheduled to go to Spirit Lake, on this trip we had a first time group with us and the organizer and his wife brought us 31 new passengers to our firm and as well they were 1st. timers to this casino and hotel.

  A couple of days priors to this date we received an e-mail from Jessica Pacheco, from group sales telling us that starting immediately checking would not be until 4PM, this meant that we had to delay out arrival by some time which we did to our best, we still arrived a bit early at 3:40 everyone was OK knowing that we may have to wait to 4PM to get the keys for them. 

 Upon arrival Jessica gave me 31 new players cards for the 1st. timers which I handed out, At 4PM I was standing in the lobby waiting to the keys they were not ready and 4:15 I asked what the issue was I was told by Jessica that the rooms are not ready, and no further discussion took place as she walked away, by 4:30 people were getting tired of waiting and simply wanted to check in, I stepped outside for a moment to discuss this with Alan to let him know what was happening inside, as I came in I noticed that 3 of the new people were talking to Jessica trying to find out what was up,they told me they were told they are waiting on towels- shocked, I asked Jessica if that was in fact the issue, if so can house keeping not replace towels later as they become available, I was given no answer but at the same time she started to make room keys I was able to hand out the last room keys at 4:50, anyone reading this would be unhappy I'm sure as was my group that's along time to stand in a lobby and at NO TIME did Jessica Pacheco make any apologies or have an explanation, rather she said NOTHING. 

The following day my group leader came to me and stated that he had gone to Jessica, Group sale to tell her that he was unhappy about the lateness of the check in and that he and several others rooms were " filthy, and in poor condition.He also told me that they had poor service for breakfast and many of the people were insulted by the staff, Jessica gave him a report form and told him to fill it out and she "would Deal with it".

This was done which I received a photo copy of (which I ask the he do for my records) the copy is somewhat grayish in copy color so we have typed it out so you can better read it.

The day we left Jessica did not come out to the bus to hand me the usual report on each player showing the time that you spent actually gambling (which they demand 9 hours for actual hitting the button , not just in the casino or restaurants that does NOT count in their reports on you.

Before our bus arrived at Walmart in Grand Forks our office person called me and told that she had received an e-mail from Spirit Lake Casino & Hotel Jessica Pacheco that All Road Tours had been banned due to complaints from All Road Tours Passengers,(that could be anyone of you reading this if you voiced an opinion on the matters that you did not like)

I will be attaching every  e-mail from Spirit Lake so you can read  yourself and as well will post a couple of the reports to show you what every tour operator/hostess/driver see about your gambling at Spirit Lake, as I have been telling guest on the buses over the last few week most have been discussed and commented on the privacy act. 

Date:07/19/2018 01:58PM

Hi Marnie,

Will you please notify me when Helen has received the attached documents. It has been a pleasure working with you. Have a great day!

Best Regards,

Jessica Pacheco

Group Sales Associate

[email protected]

Spirit Lake Casino & Resort

Phone: 1.701.766.4747 Ext. 253

Fax: 1.701.766.1538


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Below is the letter we received from the above noted e-mail note: how she says that you our passengers do not spend enough, that all out passengers complain and that it is our responsibility to bring better gamblers means spend more money, it would appear we are to ask you for your bank account balance before we book you. I hope this offends you as much as it has us. You will all be welcome to travel with us without any questions.

Upon receiving the email banning us for the reasons stated that our passengers complain to much and do not spend enough time gambling, we called spirit lake and tried to speak to a CEO, general manager, jessica,
 no one will return any calls, 2 weeks later our office manager tried to reach out to see if we could make an appointment to discuss how they deal with  matters No one has been willing to return our calls so we now decided we have given them more than reasonable time to be respectful to our passenger.

Hello Alan & Helen,

I received your voicemail and attached are the reports you requested. I understand your frustration and apologize for any inconvenience. The decision made, was carefully investigated and thought out. My supervisor (Marketing Director), initiated the potential ban. This was discussed with the General Manager, Marketing Director and myself; Reports were thoroughly examined and the decision was made for the ban. The reasons on the ban letter were discussed with them as well. Also, I attempted numerous times to page Helen to the Customer Service desk, to discuss the issue. When All Road Tours departed, I was forced to email. Again, I apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you for your time.


Jessica Pacheco

Group Sales Associate

[email protected]

Spirit Lake Casino & Resort

Phone: 1.701.766.4747 Ext. 253

Fax: 1.701.766.1538

To better enable you to see the complaint that was filed with Spirit Lake, at no time was my client out of line with them we all should have the right to express dissatisfaction with matters, in most cases we take this as a way to improve matters, THAT WAS NOT the case from Spirit Lake 

See below the complaint that was filed as asked by Jessica Pacheco.

As a former CEO of my own company and executive officer of multi-million dollar companies my first experience with Spirit Lake began as terrible. First day my tour group had to wait for more than one hour in the lobby to get our room. The next morning I waited an hour for breakfast after numerous complaints, finally we get our breakfast with insults from service staff and select management. These incidents show poorly how Spirit Lake was being managed. They put on promotions to bring people in and then insult them. In addition the mattress in the room is in bad condition. This condition is well listed on the internet comments of Spirit Lake. Not unless improvements are coming my organization will not recommend Spirit Lake to others.

Victor Mah

Below is one of the lists that jessica from spirit Lake hands us after every trip we have protected your names but can see this is real list we left just a few letters of names that shows how many hours you spend gambling you are suppose to sit hitting the button 9 hours min. as you can see very few make that target, this is when they tell us to bring better gamblers.
 I hope this make you as sick as it has always made us, we get them and destroy them right away, but lucky so you can all see how they operate at spirit Lake we had a few kept and when asked jessica freely sent us more. the one below is 1 of 9.

This should fall under disgusting to say the least and Privacy.

In the e-mail below that we received the 2nd day back from the trip after leaving several messages.
this is Jessica reply, she actually has the nerve to outright lie, she states that she tried paging me (Helen) numerous time, at no time did I hear a page as I had been trying to track her down all day and all of you know full well that if you had heard a page you would not one but many of you would have told me repeatedly that I had been paged,  so to put insults about you our passengers and them state you do not gamble enough and then lie in print that she had paged me, any of  you that was there did you heard a page? they must have been sent in silent mode i guess.

do you still want to support Spirit lake do want to spent your money there?
are you discussed, are you as angry as we are?

Jessica's name , phone number and e-mail is available to you. As well why don't  those of you reach out to the CEO, General mangers see if you can and tell them what you think.

Rooms have been worn down, dirty, service has lacked at times, and tracking and posting your play time, demanding we bring better players.

It now up to you the passengers of all road tours

remember there are many casinos within  4 to 5 hours of winnipeg. You choose we always try to give the best service and respect to our guests.

Helen & alan mellon