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OCTOBER 1-19, 2018

This tour will take you on a journey like no other, you will be taken on a tour of: CAJUN- CREOLE- BAYOU BEAUTY- SWAMPS- PLANTATIONS- LOUISIANA CULINARY.

When you think of visiting Louisiana, the first city that comes to your mind is probably New Orleans.But, It isn’t the only great city in the state. 

There are a huge host of great things to do and see in the city of Shreveport, Layfette, Baton Rouge, Avery Island,Breaux Bridge. 

We will travel the old Mississippi River Road, visiting Louisiana’s most famous plantations. With Cajun Encounters as we journey down the historic River Road Region. The scenery and landscape  of the countryside as we travel across this fascinating state will keep you looking. Seeing  the canopy of 300-year-old oak trees is sights you will never forget. 

Louisiana's plantations offer a fascinating look at lifestyles of the past and a crucial period in the history of the United States. Many of the state's amazing antebellum mansions remain intact, and are meticulously maintained and furnished with beautiful period pieces, from the sugarcane times to the shift to cotton producing as times changed in the south.

Throughout this trip you will hear some of the best music from "The Blues", Jazz, Zeydeco, Dixieland, and Soul. Music of Louisiana is divided into two regions:

Rural South Creole Zydeco and Cajun.

New Orleans and North: Dixieland, Jazz and The Blues

The experience is one you won't forget!



The finest Hotels

Airboat Tours 

Avery Island, Tour

Tabasco Factory Tour

Jefferson Island Tour

 Rip Van Winkle Mansion & Garden Tour

VermillionVille Village

Dance Lesson

3 Plantation Tours

Houmas House Plantation- The Crown Jewel

San Francisco Plantation 

1 to be kept as a surprise

 Mardi Gras World tour

The Germaine Cazenave Wells Mardi Gras-Museum                                                                  Jazz Brunch Cruise-New Orleans

Tour of Memphis

1 Supper 

3 Lunches

12 Breakfasts 

Plus some surprises

All Road Tours Windup gathering

Day 1 Winnipeg - Sioux City, IA First day on road is always exciting as we set out on our journey.

Day 2 Sioux City - Joplin MO today we travel across the upper midwest states enjoying some  fall colors.

Day 3 Joplin-Shreveport,La  (3-nights) Today we  arrive in Louisiana where the excitement starts as we check into our Luxury Resort in the heart of Shreveport-Bossier 

Margaritaville Resort & Casino, our tours wouldn’t be complete without a fabulous luxury hotel in a tropical paradise. When we stay at Margaritaville, you’ll enjoy everything you expect in a luxury resort from a beautiful tropical pool and elegant spa to extraordinary entertainment and dining.

Day 4 & 5 Many interesting things lined up, plus you will have time on your own to enjoy the area and the resort. The Mississippi isn’t the only river to run through the state: the Red River does too, and it cuts right through Shreveport. One of the best riverside attractions in the city is the Louisiana Boardwalk. It includes a myriad of great shops and restaurants right out our hotel door.

A city tour with a local step on guide will give you a local perspective to this beautiful city.

Day 6 Shreveport -Lafayette (3-Nights) We will have a busy time taking in the sights of Lafayette and surrounding areas.

-AIRBOAT TOURS THROUGH THE ATCHAFALAYA BASIN,Get up close and personal with ancient mossy cypress trees, majestic bodies of water, and of course, the alligators.

--Avery Island, The island occupies roughly 2,200 acres and sits atop a deposit of solid rock salt thought to be deeper than Mount Everest is high.  Avery Island is home of the TABASCO sauce factory, included is a tour of the Tabasco  factory, Hot Stuff!!

--JEFFERSON ISLAND RIP VAN WINKLE, we have a guided tours of the Joseph Jefferson Home, a grand architectural masterpiece built as a hunting lodge and painting studio for famous 19th century actor, Joseph Jefferson, who portrayed Rip Van Winkle. Rip's Rookery and semi-tropical garden surrounding beautiful Lake Peigneur.

VermillionVille,  a living history museum and folklife park that promotes and propagates the cultural resources of the Acadian, Native American, and Creole people – from the time period 1765 to 1890. The park sits on a 23-acre site on the banks of the Bayou Vermilion with 19 attractions, including seven restored original homes with more than 13 local artisans that provide demonstrations on a variety of essential crafts performed by the early settlers. 

We will have some fun as we take a dance lesson,which may be very helpful  that evening as we enjoy a group meal at a local  favourite bar & eatery featuring Cajun seafood specialties along with live zydeco bands and dance floor.

Day 9 Lafayette- Baton Rouge (2-Nights) Today we arrive in Louisiana's Capitol.

Day 10 Various tours and events, we have a full line up to further immerse you in the Southern culture.

Included is a Distillery Tour and Tasting

Tour of the Old Louisiana State Capitol

Tour USS Kidd Battleship, Military History Lives on.

She is one of only four Fletcher-class destroyers still in existence that are preserved as museums, and the only known destroyer in the world preserved in her World War II configuration. 

As we continue to explore the history and culture of Southeastern Louisiana.

From Baton Rouge we will several  Plantations and antebellum homes along the Great River Road Scenic Byway. 

We will be tours some of these plantations: Tours will take place from Baton Rouge as well from New Orleans during our stay.

- Houmas House Plantation- The Crown Jewel The Crown Jewel 

     Once you’ve visited Houmas House Plantation and Gardens in person, you’ll know why it is called “The Crown Jewel of Louisiana’s River Road.”  At one time during the 19th century, Houmas House farmed sugarcane on tens of thousands of acres, and became the largest producer of sugar in the country.  In fact, this grand estate was so lavish that it was described by many as “The Sugar Palace.”

--San Francisco Plantation - The Most Opulent Plantation On The Mississippi River.

     San Francisco Plantation has been thought to resemble a variety of different structures, ranging from a Mississippi riverboat to a giant layer cake.

Built in 1854 by a wealthy sugar planter, this vividly-colored house is a spectacular creation of great ambition and unique inspiration.  Nestled under centuries-old live oaks, San Francisco Plantation is furnished and decorated like no other plantation in the South.

We leave other locations to be a surprise, you know we love to always have few pleasant surprise for our groups.

Day 11 After our amazing drive along Grand River Road we will arrive in the beloved         New Orleans (4-nights), here we will stay at Hampton Inn & Suites , a few blocks from the famous French Quarter.

Group Tour Included: Sunday Jazz Brunch Cruise blend of "real New Orleans". a two hour cruise on the iconic Steamboat NATCHEZ with traditional live jazz music.

Group Tour included :A Plantation to be announced on the tour, plus a group lunch

GroupTour included  Mardi Gras World ,   " Experience Mardi Gras", where  the artists and craftsmen have designed and built the oldest and biggest parade floats and attractions for each Mardi Gras season, with over 500 floats built and decorated each year. When we begin our Mardi Gras World tour, you’ll get an overview of the history of Mardi Gras in New Orleans before our guides take us through the float den, where  artists work year-round to build spectacular floats and props. 

You never get this close to the floats while they’re rolling in Mardi Gras parades, and this is certainly the only place to see how these amazing pieces come to life each year. 


Group tour included:Unforgettable Museums in New Orleans

The Germaine Cazenave Wells Mardi Gras Museum,  opened in the French Quarter restaurant on September 15, 1983. Wells reportedly reigned as queen of over twenty-two Mardi Gras balls from 1937 to 1968. The museum brings together more than two dozen lavish Mardi Gras costumes, including 13 of Mrs. Wells’ queen costumes, one of her mother’s and one of her daughter’s, as well as four king’s costumes worn by Count Arnaud, fabulous Carnival masks.

While in New Orleans, you will have time on your own to explore the historic and very colourful city. 

Stroll to Jackson Squarea historic park in the French Quarter.

Visit :The St. Louis Cathedral is one of New Orleans' most notable landmarks. Few cities in the world are so identified by a building as is New Orleans.

Stop by the famous Cafe Du Monde for the best ever Beignets.

Beignets were brought to Louisiana by the Acadians. These were fried fritters, sometimes filled with fruit. Today, the beignet is a square piece of dough, fried and covered with powdered sugar. They are served in orders of three. YUM! YUM! and YUM!

Take a Carriage tour, hear the local stories, with the carriage you are up close  going through this historic parts of the French Quarter. 

Visit the famous Bourbon Street, a street in the heart of New Orleans' oldest neighborhood, the French Quarter, in New Orleans, Louisiana. It extends 13 blocks from Canal to Esplanade Avenue.  while it’s silly to spend the entirety of your New Orleans trip on Bourbon, it’s equally silly to never experience the most visited location in the city. This street is a tourism destination for a reason. It’s a thoroughfare with an utterly fascinating history, home to some of the oldest bars, family-run restaurants  entertainment , fabulous music, from Jazz to the Blues you will hear and see it all.

Visit: Aquarium of the Americas, fabulous place, see the penguins, and color reefs, approximate court $25.00 but well with it.

Day 15: Today we will say goodbye to the beautiful state of Louisiana, with our hopes that you have had a memorable time that will last life time. But this tour is not over yet  we are heading  to Memphis, for a 2-nights stay, steps from the famous Beale Street. Memphis where the music never stops, included is a tour that is sure to please.

Day 16: Included is a tour that is sure to please, time to enjoy Memphis sights and great food on Beale Street.

Day 17: Today we start our way homeward  arriving in Kansas  for a 1-night stay.

Day 18 : Today we keep heading homeward, with fall colours all around us arriving in Sioux City, for our last night on the road. this evening we will have our group windup gathering.

Day 19: We complete our journey today arriving back in Winnipeg, filled with so many memories, laughs,excitement and new friendships.



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